best parts

Dancing in the kitchen with my kids to music streaming through the iPad plugged into a stereo and for a second I wanted to tell them not to jump around so much, the CD might skip. Truth; there is no CD.

Helping my daughter out of the car and she said not to lean over her because she could see too much nose hair and it’s like a furry monster lives up there. Truth; sometimes kids say it.

Watching The Truman Show with my wife who had never seen it. You know how sometimes you get tired while watching a movie and you start to drift away right around the forty minute mark (which is longer than a half hour show but shorter than an hour long show) and you sort of stop fighting it and fall asleep? That totally did not happen. This movie ramps up right around the forty minute mark and my wife was riveted. Truth; it’s one of my most favorite films and I can’t believe I waited this long to finally make her watch it.

Keeping the magic alive. Love is not always sex and cuddling and ooey-gooey baby-dribble gaga. Love is letting your wife borrow your new iPod and sign into your Spotify account and create a 2 hour, 37-song Keith Urban playlist and make it available for offline listening and then let her take it jogging when you’ve never marked any of your own playlists for offline mode and you’re not even a Keith Urban fan. Truth; it’s the little things.

  1. bekaboo said: That’s a great description of love right there. I recognize it.

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